James Taylor & The Voice’s Top 20 Singing “Shower the People” Is Amazing

James Taylor has come together with the Top 20 artist of The Voice to create a striking collaboration of “Shower the People” recorded separately despite the distance.

Sounding as good today as he did in 1976, James Taylor and the talented Top 20 artists of The Voice deliver a rendition of his hit “Shower the People” that has to be one of the most inspiring things witnessed. The folk classic is beautifully transformed.

You’ll be blown away by the flawless harmony and rich essence of joy that’s instilled into this track. The group of stars comes together with James Taylor at the lead for an incredible performance that you’ll never forget.

This brilliant video manages to capture the personality and distinct tones of each contestant, while at the same time blending their voices into unison that sounds truly heavenly. Now that’s a moving version of “Shower the Moving.”

James Taylor & The Voice\'s Top 20 Singing \