Duo Transcend’s Champion Roller Skating Will Terrify & Amaze You

This is roller skating as you’ve never seen it before. America’s Got Talent: The Champions was kept on the edge by “Duo Transcend” and their Vegas-worthy roller skating routine.

You’ll be blown away by “Duo Transcend” and their high risk, high energy explosive roller skating, and dance routine choreographed and themed around “The Greatest Show” from “The Greatest Showman.”

From control to the choreography, this entire show is mystifying in its beauty and artistic scope. By the time that the aerial show has reached the thrilling spinning finale, you’ll be shaking from excitement and terror.

“Duo Transcend” has put together a show that transcends any aerial dance act that you’ve seen before. The danger factor and incredible moves will have you glued to your screen from the moment their addictive action starts.

Duo Transcend\'s Champion Roller Skating Will Terrify & Amaze You