Baptist Funny Man & Minister Allan Finnegan Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Baptist minister Allan Finnegan must have learned how to lead a crowd from leading a church, but his humor is indeed the answer to our comedy prayers. You couldn’t hope for a funnier Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Honest, clean, poking fun at the nuances of being a minister, Allan Finnegan has to be the funniest pastor you’ve seen. His routine only begins to joke about a life lived for faith and the church, but it’s the smartest, most down-to-earth wisecracks you’ve ever heard.

Openly admitting just how easy his job is is just one of the ways that this witty pastor starts pulling honesty out of the finer details of preaching. Every last observation takes examples from his own life, but at the same time, snatches universal attention with his relatability.

You don’t have to go to church to find Allan Finnegan’s hilarious demeanor and classic showmanship. Thanks to Britain’s Got Talent, this funny man now has a global stage.