The Mesmerizing Zadar Sea Organ Calls Out From Under The Marble Stairs

The hauntingly beautiful sound that you hear underplaying the lapping of the waves in this incredible footage is the music of the Zadar Sea Organ.

The Zadar Sea Organ is a massive experimental instrument on the coast of Zadar, Croatia. The 230-foot sea organ holds a series of subterranean tunnels beneath its marble staircase. The sound emanating is actually two major diatonic chords.

Built by Mr. Nikola Bašić, Zadar, the Zadar Sea Organ possesses 35 organ pipes attached to underwater tunnels. The pipes are blown by a column of air that is shifted by the waves. A series of seven groups of pipes create the chords that you hear.

With a frequency tone that subtly mimics a human male voice, ranging between 65Hz and 250Hz, the ambient beauty of this otherworldly sound that remains strangely familiar is truly one-of-a-kind.