Straight Chaser Turn Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” Into Amazing Acapella

“Straight Chaser” has captured the spirit of Madonna’s epic ’80s ballad “Like A Prayer” and recreated it as something that is truly unique and beautiful.

The sensational voices of “Straight Chaser” have come together for one of their highly popular quarantine sessions to deliver a hit acapella rendition of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” that showcases each voice individually and in heavenly unison.

This soothing, uplifting song has to be one of the most moving songs ever created by the acapella superstars. Despite the distance, their harmony comes together flawlessly whilst elevating the track with every word.

It’s impossible to steal your attention away from the way that their voices combine. The cohesion between them is surreal, granting this song a sublime sense of unity during a taxing time.

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