BYU Noteworthy Transform Tina Turner Into Addictive Acapella Hit

Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” has always been a power fan favorite, but you’ve never heard a version quite like this. Acapella superstars BYU Noteworthy have outdone themselves with this brilliantly nostalgic cover of the song originally written by John Fogerty.

You’ll be blown away by the way that BYU Noteworthy has taken Tina Turner’s timeless classic and turned it into a flawless acapella arrangement that’s faithful to the original sound and feel. This is a cover of “Proud Mary” to be proud of.

The way that BYU’s soprano lets loose is sure to inspire with joy and emotional power that makes the song a true pleasure to behold. Now that’s how you make a song your own.

The harmony of these girls carries such power and presence that you’ll be captivated from the first note. BYU Noteworthy sure knows how to project, and when their track kicks things up a notch, you’ll be on your feet and dancing.