Nine Voices Turn The Lion King Into Incredible Acapella Hit

“Straight No Chaser” hasn’t let anything stop them from putting together music that makes you want to hear more. The nine talented acapella artists have come up with an arrangement of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” that’ll wow you.

Acapella supergroup “Straight No Chaser” has once again taken a classic song and infused it with the magic and energy that only they can. This is a version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” that’ll make you fall in love with the Disney hit all over again.

Expressive in every moment with facial expressions, dances, and joy overflowing to be seen from each artist – this acapella quarantine rendition of The Lion King hit is amazing.

Between their happy tone and the timeless beauty of the Disney track itself, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in acapella is exactly what we all need to smile a little more.