Learn Happy Healthy Hygiene From The Holderness Family’s Acapella Hit

If there’s one thing that we all need a little more of its humor. Who better to deliver a dose of good advice combined with comical insights than the talented Holderness family?

The sensational acapella stars have this time parodied Taylor Swift’s “The Man,” calling their version “Wash Your Hands.” It’s hilariously appropriate comedy that instills actual good advice that everyone needs to see. You’ll be laughing like crazy.

Not all parodies work during a time of crisis, but this one is truly priceless. You’ll fall in love with the Holderness family and their intelligently witty songwriter, facial expressions that couldn’t be funnier, and superb musical talent.

This is an acapella music video that’s sure to put a permanent smile on your face. It’ll be hard to look at washing your hands in the same way ever again. So necessary and so funny.

Learn Happy Healthy Hygiene From The Holderness Family\'s Acapella Hit