You’ve Likely Forgotten The Pet Shop Boys Poem Turned ’80s Hit’s Video

The Pet Shop Boys are loved for many songs, but there are few eighties hits as instantly recognizable as the duo’s song “West End Girls.”

“West End Girls” is an ’80s song that the world will forever remember the English duo for. The Pet Shop Boys released many songs, but this hit inspired by a T.S. Eliot poem has to be their greatest ever with a sound that just keeps getting better.

With its catchy melody and hypnotic lyrics, it’s a track that shines as both a dance number and a pop favorite. Eighties clubs loved the track, and listeners just can’t get enough all these years later.

The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters awarded The Pet Shop Boys the accolade of ‘Song of the Decade’ for the period spanning 1985 to 1994 thanks to its incredible global reception and timeless success.

You\'ve Likely Forgotten The Pet Shop Boys Poem Turned \'80s Hit\'s Video