You’ll Be Grooving To Madonna’s 80s Anthem But Have You Seen The Video?

Madonna knows how to make the world groove, and there is no matter example of the pop icon in her prime than this unforgettable music video for “Into the Groove” from her second album, “Like a Virgin.”

Between its simple, catchy lyrics and expressive undertones, “Into the Groove” is a 1985 masterpiece recorded in ’84 that revolutionized dance-pop with Madonna’s unique take on post-disco funky music. It’s 4:44 of pure bliss.

Eighties dance-pop exploded with the addition of “Into the Groove| and the hit has been remixed, sampled and referenced ever since. The nostalgic hit became a favorite of night clubs across the world in later years, heard subtly in countless samples.

Madonna gave the world the prime example of infectious dance music. There are few other songs that have found it possible to retain the full power, presence, and addictive qualities that this timeless party classic has.