We Love Australia’s Unofficial ‘80s Anthem But Did You See The Video?

“Down Under” may have been released in 1980, but it was only by 1983 that it topped charts in both the US and UK simultaneously, and ever since, it’s been the definitive unofficial Australian anthem for fans all around the world.

Australian Rockers Men at Work made their mark on the world with the timeless 1980 single “Down Under.” With an Aussie feel, and lyrics that compelled you to sing along, they quickly become world-famous for their distinct new wave sound.

This may be the only Men at Work song to top the charts, but it’s a hit that’ll never go away. It’s without a doubt one of the most Australian songs around and an uptempo arrangement that’s utterly addictive no matter when you’re listening to it.

The amusing music video tells the story of an Australian traveling around the world, meeting a range of people all interested in his homeland. It’s a strange but heartwarming sight that’s sure to send you straight down memory lane.