Instant-Happy Guaranteed From Dexys ’80s Classic “Come On Eileen”

English duo Dexys Midnight Runners reached global audiences with their infusion of new wave sound and Celtic folk music. Kevin Rowland, Jim Paterson, and Billy Adams had written a winner.

Released in 1982, “Come On Eileen” is a powerful song that is considered by many to be one of the greatest ever to emerge from the eighties. From the catchy chorus to accelerating slow-tempo melody, the whole song is moving & romantic.

The whole track exudes classic ’80s style, with the music video featuring footage of inner south London from the time, as well as footage of London’s Heathrow Airport from the 50s.

Upon its climb up the charts, “Come On Eileen” caused quite a disturbance. It was the track that stopped Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” from holding back-to-back number ones in the United States.

Instant-Happy Guaranteed From Dexys \'80s Classic \