Relive The 80s With Iconic Music Video For This Guns N’ Roses Ballad

There is barely a person alive who does not know the legendary ballad from Guns N’ Roses. Since their very first album, they began revolutionizing rock and roll with invigorated heavy-metal songs that opened up all-new audiences.

When “Sweet Child O’Mine” arrived in 1987 as an uptempo ballad originating from a poem, the whole world began to fall in love with this classic. By the time Guns N’ Roses began touring with Iron Maiden in ’88, the song began to rise up the charts.

Guns N’ Roses couldn’t have had a better first album, with Sweet Child O’Mine taking a while to gain traction but sustaining its place at number one for two weeks in the US. Its iconic solo is classed as one of the greatest of all time.

This timeless classic was originally met with disdain by Slash. He’d discovered the riff by playing around on the guitar, and Axl loved it. Despite him thinking it was too trivial, Izzy Stradlin devised chords, and “Sweet Child O’Mine” was born.

Relive The 80s With Iconic Music Video For This Guns N\' Roses Ballad