Bruce Springsteen Dances With Courtney Cox In This ’80s Hit

There wasn’t a bigger superstar in the ’80s than the legend himself, Bruce Springsteen. His iconic sound and electrifying onstage shows captured the attention of a nation, taking his hits global in no time.

“Dancing In the Dark” performed live on stage by Bruce Springsteen is a show that drives the crowd wild, and it’s sure to get your blood pumping as well. His epic voice and signature style shine in this brilliant video that’ll have you swept back to the ’80s.

You couldn’t start a party without Bruce Springsteen, and his upbeat, inspiring sound lives on conjuring nostalgia and inspiring the masses throughout the years. There’s no other dance-rock quite like it.

1984 had no bigger hit, and some would say that there is no greater song out of the entire ’80s. Dance music loved Bruce Springsteen uptempo take on contemporary rock, boasting a striking saxophone solo and some of the best use of synthesizer riffs seen.

Bruce Springsteen Dances With Courtney Cox In This \'80s Hit