Whitesnake’s Re-Released ’80s Power Ballad Will Give You Goosebumps

Whitesnake left fans in awe of their power ballad’s beauty, as the glam metal rockers turned to a warmer tone for “Here I Go Again.” It’s the re-recorded edit at its best.

British rockers Whitesnake gave the world a radio-friendly hit that the world fell in love with when they shared their 1982 power ballad “Here I Go Again” with the world. The version seen here is the re-released radio-mix from 1987.

Whitesnake actually recorded a number of different versions of this song before establishing the hit heard in this music video from 1987. The model that you see featured in Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who was wed to David Coverdale for a short two years.

The original version of this song featured the lyrics “drifter” instead of “hobo,” making them friendlier to a broad audience. It can be heard on their 1982 “Saints & Sinners” album.

Whitesnake\'s Re-Released \'80s Power Ballad Will Give You Goosebumps