Rolling On Through The Ages, Rick Astley & His ’80s Sound Lives Forever

Whether you know it from the online sensation that it later became or the utterly infectious ’80s tune that gave rise to its fame, everyone loves Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

No one will ever be able to forget Rick Astley’s epically catchy 1987 smash hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The British artist debuted with a global number one in twenty-five different countries that has never left us ever since.

1987 didn’t have a bigger hit than this chart-topping favorite. Astley went on to land five more hit singles in the UK, all featuring on the top ten.

Have you ever been ‘Rickrolled?’ Perhaps, the better question is, how many times have you been ‘Rick Rolled.’ The internet prank began on 4chan in 2007, sending 13 million people in a short period of time to Rick’s video for no good reason.