Everyone Loves ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ But Missed Its Video

1985’s release of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ is a song that inspires with every word. As one of the most influential songs of its genre, it captured the spirit of music in the ’80s amidst rampant commercialism.

‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ rose to fame in 1985, becoming Tears for Fears’ signature song thanks to its highly-popular new wave sound. The revolutionary change to their style is equally impactful today.

It’s a track that’s been putting people in a good mood since the eighties, and it’s sure to get you moving as well. The catchiness of this track transcends time, being just as addictive today as ever.

The music video for ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ is a pure representation of classic ’80s Americana, and a classic that’ll forever be treasured.