I’d Bet You’ve Never Seen The Video For ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

There will never be a ballad, quite like Bonnie Tyler’s epic eighties masterpiece. From the moment that it was first heard on the radio, the world fell in love with Tyler’s husky voice.

The original music video for Bonnie Tyler’s timeless power ballad ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ will have you spellbound with its strange visual symbolism and powerful vocals. It blew audiences away then, and it continues to amaze today.

The original version was far too long for the radio. Bonnie Tyler had it cut down from its original seven-minute and two-second length. Her shorter cut was a massive success, charting at number one in no less six countries during 1983.

Tyler’s insight guided her right, with ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ becoming the greatest hit of her entire career. After all, it was written as a showcase for her voice specifically.

I\'d Bet You\'ve Never Seen The Video For \'Total Eclipse of the Heart\'