You’ve Probably Never Seen The Video For This Prince Hit

If there is one song about relationships failing and abandonment that we all love to relate to, it’s this 80s megahit from Prince. No matter when you’re hearing it, the cult fan favorite instills a special

“When Doves Cry” Written for Prince’s feature film “Purple Rain.” To call it a masterpiece is an understatement, with the legend writing and composing the track, as well as playing all the instruments.

As fans will know already, this iconic track has no bass, but you’ll still see Prince’s bassist Brown Mark appearing in video, miming as if he is playing along. The groundbreaking LM-1 drum machine took his place.

Even the music video was directed by no one other than Prince himself. The legend walked away with a nomination for best choreography at the ’85 MTV awards, but critics found it too sexually explicit for TV in the 80s.

You\'ve Probably Never Seen The Video For This Prince Hit