Eurythmics Made It With This 80s Hit, And You’ll Love Hearing It

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is the song and title track that made Eurythmics an immortalized duo whose 1983 hit will go on forever. If you don’t know the original or are more familiar with Marilyn Manson’s cover, this is a true treat.

Eurythmics rewards listeners with a groundbreaking new wave sound to the eighties, while at the same time epitomizing this era of music in a sound. The video itself is guaranteed to give you nostalgia thanks to the heavy playtime it received on early MTV.

Not only has this peaked in countless incarnations throughout the world’s dance clubs, but Eurhythmics has played it at every live set since 1982.

The sound of dueling synthesizers defined Annie Lennox and Dave Steward, who actually created this unforgettable track after they had broken up as a couple, created by accident on two synths.