You’ll Be Swept Back To The 80s By A-ha’s Signature Song

“Take On Me” took the Norwegian synth-pop sensation A-ha to legendary status within no time. It took three releases to chart, but once it did, their hit became the only song from A-ha to top the Billboard charts.

Whether its the distinctive synth sound that we all fell in love with back in ’84 or the striking breakthrough music video for its time, “Take On Me” was a song that came to define the eighties.

The music video for “Take On Me” has raked in no less than six awards. It has one of the quickest tempos heard from the early to mid-eighties with the upbeat arrangement being a favorite of many artists later down the line. Even Christina Aguilera sampled it.

What many may not realize is that the music video for this iconic song was actually inspired by the 1982 Disney feature film ‘Tron.’

You\'ll Be Swept Back To The 80s By A-ha\'s Signature Song