You’ll Never Guess Which Unforgettable 80s Ending Is Up Next

Who doesn’t love pirates? Whether you developed a fascination as a child, love the idea of dressing up, or find the idea of sailing the seven seas exciting, this ending to ‘The Pirate Movie’ is sure to brighten your day.

This energetic, upbeat track from the ending 20th Century Fox’s ‘The Pirate Movie’ of 1982 is sure to give you a lasting smile. ‘Happy Ending’ is the nostalgic hit that we all need to lift our spirits, while fondly reminiscing.

Anyone who grew up in the eighties will remember this movie as one of the show-stopping hits that not only delivered humor and fun but a sincere moral message as well.

The musical ending to ‘The Pirate Movie’ couldn’t have been better. Not only does it showcase the whole cast having the time of their life, but it’s a true testimony to the music that made the eighties great.