Miami Singer Sounds Remarkably Similar to Nick Jonas

The Brian McKnight classic track “Back at One” had its essence and flow perfectly captured by Roderick Chambers. The soulful artist from Miami, Florida, delivered a cover that blew the audience away. Yet, there was one coach in particular that could barely contain his appreciation for the classic.

Nick Jonas was the first to turn. By halfway through Roderick’s performance, the new coach could be seen singing and dancing along to what was clearly a favorite song. “I was transported back to that moment when I first heard that song,” said Nick. John Legend was quick to poke fun, joking, “Nick learned to count to this song.” Spirits were high, and Team Jonas was one member stronger.

Miami singer Roderick Chambers delivered a breathtaking rendition of “Back at One” from Brian McKnight. With soul and smooth vocals that’d easily make the original artist proud, Roderick won himself a place in season eighteen of The Voice. All the coaches loved his cover, while one was particularly impressed and proud to have him on the team.