San Francisco Singer Rewards With Original Rendition of Country Classic

Grace Leer delivers a highly original American Idol audition cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” While far from what you’d expect, her surprising performance made the judges fall in love with her voice and vocal identity. With perfection, the singer validated a life’s work in singing, proving the classic style that she’s worked so hard to develop.

“Good deal. It’s clear. I don’t have to suss out who the artist is. I like the way you interpret. Your voice is cutting through, um, and you deal well with on the spot. That was on the spot.” said Lionel Richie. Katy Perry agreed, sharing “I loved the texture of your voice,” while adding that she only saw a little country yodel in Grace’s voice – a quality Katy hopes she’ll hinge upon in future performances. With three ‘Yeses,’ Grace was off to Hollywood.

San Franciscan artist Grace Leer almost bailed on her American Idol audition. We’re all glad that she arrived, after hearing the country singer present a mind-blowing performance of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” that at the same time impressed with her creative reimagining. Grace is crazy good, and all of the judges agree. It’s scary to think that she almost never arrived due to fear.