Exceptional Performance from 8-Year-Old Singing Devotional Classic

The talented singer captivated the audience with her melodic version of ‘How Great Thou Art.’ Seldom has the gospel classic been heard with such soul, emotion, and power from such a young artist. Anna is utterly amazing.

Eight-year-old talented singer Anna Faith Howell, from Chester County in Pennsylvania, enchanted the audience with her melodic voice singing ‘How Great Thou Art.’ Although she has been singing the gospel for the past few years, her recent performance arrived as an exceptionally brilliant breakthrough. No one can deny her singing talent.

Even though she seemed a little nervous at the beginning, she took the audience by surprise. Anna Faith Howell has a mature voice with incredible vocal control. Not only did she captivate everyone with her melodious voice, but you could feel the emotion in each and every word she sang. A resounding wild round of applause concluded a moving performance that’s sure to get this little one noticed.