9-Year-Old Dancer Shows Fiery Jazz Moves Winning First Place

Relinda Kozol won the hearts of her fans and onlookers with an incredible jazz dance routine that had everyone’s eyes glued on the upcoming artist. With moves like that, it’s hard to believe that she’s only nine.

The little dancer recently participated in the NUVO Bellevue 2020 dance event, held at the PULSE Dance Center. She is passionate about dancing and puts in a lot of training and effort into her dancing routines – hard work that has clearly paid off.

Relinda Kozol stepped onto the shadowy stage, donning a shimmery outfit and bright pink top hat. With an innovative arrangement choreographed to ‘Le Jazz Hot’ from the comedy musical ‘Victor/Victoria,’ the young dancer surprised everyone with a near-perfect routine. With the rising tempo, she shifted from slow to energetic and acrobatic moves. Not only she claimed the first place but won everyone’s hearts with her cheerful attitude as well.