Psychic’s Son Makes Seven-Year Singing Prophecy Come True

The son of a world-renowned psychic arrives to see if his vocal magic is enough to captivate the judges. Jimmy Levy is the son of Micki Dahne, who has been providing her skills as a modern sensitive since the mid-1970s. The twenty-one-year-old from Miami, Florida, can’t tell the future like his grandmom or mom, but he is running away from his gift – being able to see ghosts. Turning away from the mediumship family business, the would-be singer opted for a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

The full-time musician delivered a strong vocal performance, transforming the classic track into something that was truly his own. Jimmy had to be stopped just a few seconds into his song. Katy was simply too confused by his hand gesture, which he explained to be something that calmed his nerves, granting security. She then asked for an acapella, which sounded worlds better thanks to how the would-be star finally got out of his own head. “Jimmy, you are going to be a lot of work, but you have an interesting voice,” proclaimed Katy, giving her ‘Yes’ which started a string of confirmations sending him to Hollywood.

Seven-years before his audition, Jimmy Levy’s mother and prominent psychic, predicted that he’d walk away with a golden ticket. It may have taken a couple of kind words and some keen advice from American Idol’s judges, but Jimmy Levi – the ghost-seeing son of a family of mediums, made the prophecy come true with Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”


Psychic\'s Son Makes Seven-Year Singing Prophecy Come True