Soulful Calabasas Musician Can’t Turn a Chair With Upbeat Classic

Twenty-seven-year-old female vocalist, Ari Tibi from Calabasas, California, arrived to audition for season eighteen of The Voice. Despite having two original tracks released to her name, the singer-songwriter opted for Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke.” Her audition started strong, exhibiting flawless vocals throughout but just couldn’t capture the attention of our coaches.

After failing to turn a chair, the coaches had praise all around. “This is disappointing for all of us. I think you’re so close – That’s when we should push and know that all we gotta do is get in there and work with you, so I’m sorry,” confessed Blake. “I do think you’re talented, and so I do want you to take this and just keep singing and just keep growing as an artist,” advised Kelly Clarkson, concluding the commentary and general opinion of all our coaches.

Californian professional musician Ari Tibi delivered a strong blind audition for her attempt at season eighteen of The Voice. The talented artist managed to showcase her technical ability through a steady, smooth rendition of Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke,” but the emotion and delivery seemed to be lacking. Here’s hoping we see Ari back and better than ever.

Soulful Calabasas Musician Can\'t Turn a Chair With Upbeat Classic