Soulful Californian Teen Could Be Confused for Brandy

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Ximines has a bright future in the music business ahead of her after delivering an unbelievable American Idol audition. The would-be starlet arrived with the full support of her Orange Vista High School dance troupe. After an electrifying dance to set the stage, the young Californian singer delivered an incredible performance of Tori Kelly’s “Language.”

Despite excellence throughout, it was young Olivia’s range that left the judges astounded. After an impressive showing, Katy Perry told her “I think you have a phenomenal voice on you.” Luke agreed, adding “You are a delight. You have such a joy and a positivity around you,” to which Katy promptly exclaimed “It’s like Brandy!” Once the likeness was proclaimed, it’s hard to deny the similarity in style & energy.

Olivia’s remarkable audition showcased her powerhouse voice, remarkable control, and a sound that keeps you asking for more of her blissful soul. Olivia Ximines is a name to remember. After hearing her sing “Language” from Tori Kelly, you’ll soon agree. She can dance. She can sing, and all the judges love her.