Soulful Kentucky Singer Turns Two Chairs With Mind-Blowing Cover

Eastern Kentucky singer, Zach Day delivered an electrifying audition featuring SWVs iconic song “Weak.” With infectious energy and a relaxed vibe all the way through, the twenty-five-year-old singer amazed The Voice’s coaches. The McCreary County artist started off strong, surprising all with a series of impressive runs and a unique style that took the track to a soulful place.

Zach’s swing and smooth vocals won over John Legend first, jamming along as he struck his buzzer. Yet, it was one particular note in the chorus just before closing that convinced Kelly turned as well. John Legend was completely taken aback by Zach’s talent, describing his performance as “mind-blowing, otherworldly, amazing, stunning,” later adding that the young singer was precisely what he was looking for. With praise so strong, it’s no wonder that he went with Team Legend.

Zach Day is an artist with a truly distinct style. His sound is equal impressive, taking one back to a time when easy listening was at its peak. In a way, he carries similarities to John Legend himself. It’s no wonder that John wanted him so badly. SWV fans will be in love with his cover of “Weak,” while we all couldn’t hope for a better song to showcase his talent.