Teen Sketch Artist & Song Bird Impresses But Can’t Turn a Chair

You may remember Emily Bass from her prior audition, but here she returns more practiced than ever, eager to surpass her first audition. The teen songbird has won over a loyal fanbase since her earlier exposure. Here she sings a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” which she hopes will suit her voice more than her first The Voice blind audition featuring “Blank Space.”

In true Emily Bass tradition, she once again drew a picture to bring with. The seasoned sketch artist and singer this come had a hand-drawn portrait of Nick Jonas ready. While few faults can be found in Emily’s vocal performance, her sound just didn’t do enough to captivate the coaches. Once again, not one coach turned, leaving an army of fans heartbroken. Despite not getting through, she was reminded of just how young she is. John said “Emily, sometimes we can tell when someone sounds young just because the polish isn’t there yet,” The whole panel was eager to see her return for another audition after some more experience.

Emily Bass has a lot of raw talent, and after this, two memorable auditions under her belt. Her blind audition song “Love Yourself” presented a solid performance, with many improvements to be found over her first time singing on the show. Exposure is forever valuable, and Emily’s career is sure getting noticed. We can’t wait to see how much more of herself she lets out next.