Teen Theater Fan Showcases Range But Can’t Convince Judges

Vocal warmups are usually done in somewhere a little more private. Heck, vocal warmups have seldom sounded as loud as the sets produced by this seventeen-year-old singer. Claire Jolie Goodman from Illinois brought a binder containing all the music she planned to sing with her to the audition. Despite being told to stop by past listeners, Claire pressed on to the grandest stage of them all. The artist brought with her loads of creativity.

After hearing her Broadway first-piece, Luke Bryan asked if she had any pop music prepared. Claire responded by offering to sing “Mama Mia,” to which the judges responded with a resounding “that’s Broadway.” The young theatre aficionado informed them that she had an aria prepared. Katy Perry asked, “Ariane Grande?” With hands lifted, she started yet another song that sounded like a Broadway warmup. Idol’s judges played along, enjoying her comfort on stage, but her style clearly didn’t suit this competition.

Claire Jolie Goodman is a classically trained soprano but couldn’t quite find her place on American Idol. Broadway seems destined for Claire from Illinois, with her personality outshining her vocal talent no matter how loud she sings. The coaches must be right – we’re sure to find her redefining performance art somewhere along the line. Her vocals are through the roof, but she needs the right stage.