Spokane Singer Sings “Sardines” Getting Her Fishy Tune Stuck in Luke’s Head

Spokane singer-songwriter Eliza Johnson is a devoted musician with a flair for originality. Eliza presented an original song entitled “Sardines,” which one could easily compare to the famed TV-show hit “Smelly Cat.” Her fun personality, in combination with her quirky lyrics, has led to her being compared to a real-life Phoebe from friends. Addictive and utterly unique – Eliza Johnson sang a catchy ode to tinned fish that Luke Bryan seemed to love while presenting actual tinned sardines as a gift to the judges.

Not all the judges shared Luke’s enthusiasm for her fishy tale. Lionel Richie just couldn’t find a fit for her style, while Katy Perry loved the way that she made the panel laugh, saying, “You make us laugh, and it’s super unusual. It is weird. I’m weird, too, just a different kind of weird.” Eliza responded by asking Katy if she’s ever wanted to hang out socially, but her request was met with a look of disbelief and total silence.

Eliza Johnson goes by the stage name Eliza Catastrophe, and while her audition wasn’t a success, it definitely wasn’t a catastrophe either. Love it or hate it, Eliza’s original song “Sardines” is sure to get stuck in your head. It definitely got stuck in Luke Bryan’s mind, and he was all-too-eager to start annoying Katy and Lionel for the rest of the day. This is a fishy sing-a-long that you don’t want to miss.

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