Just Sam Started Out In Tears, But When She Started Singing I Was Floored

New York subway singer Just Sam might sing for her supper, but coming to the American Idol auditions was anything but a cakewalk for her. It was an emotional journey just to get there, and Just Sam had to work through her emotions just to sing. But when she did, she amazed everyone.

Just Sam is a New York subway singer by trade who dreams of using her singing skills for more than just paying the bills. She’s had a rough life though, so it was hard for her to even start singing when it came time for her to stand before the American Idol judges. The judges tried to make her feel safe, and then she asked if she could start the way she does on the trains.

Suddenly, an entirely new woman was standing before them. She sang complicated versions of several pieces of songs, all manipulated to work within her vocal range. She charmed the judges with her charisma and left us all astounded at the power of her voice. Just Sam earned a spot in Hollywood and a place in all our hearts.