She Sang Beautifully, But When She Stopped? Katy Perry Threw A Fit.

Guitar instructor Saverina brought an original song and her guitar to the American Idol auditions. Her gymnastic-level voice talent impressed Katy Perry but failed to get votes from Lionel or Luke. Katy was so upset she threw a tantrum, ran up and down the set and even screamed her frustration.

We all get frustrated with our coworkers from time to time, but what happens when you’re a judge on a famous talent show like American Idol? Well, then you throw a world-class fit and scream out your frustration just like the rest of us. Such happened when Saverina came to the auditions performing an original song.

Judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan couldn’t be convinced to give the singer yes votes, and Katy Perry was none too pleased about it. She took off her shoes, took off her earrings and ran off kicking and punching the set in frustration. She screamed into the air, voicing her discontent that such a talented singer should be sent home.