Watch This Graceful Dance Routine To “Never Enough” And Be Amazed

The Shooting Stars Dance troupe from Claremont, Florida performed an amazingly beautiful routine to the song “Never Enough” during a KAR Dance Competition. The group of a dozen or more dancers flew across the stage, creating a moving piece of choreography that was both technically perfect and beautiful to watch.

The Shooting Stars Dance School in Claremont, Florida is known for creating superstars. Their graduates have gone on to Cirque du Soleil, NBA dance teams and Walt Disney World performances. This particular performance dancing to “Never Enough” at the KAR Dance Competition shows the amazing grace and skill these dancers exhibit.

The routine features a dozen or more dancers flying across the stage with lyrical beauty. As a former dancer who’s done this sort of large troupe routine before, I can appreciate the time and effort that went into the creation and choreographing of such a precise performance. It’s impressive how every dancer emotes to their fullest. What a great achievement.