A Toddler Dances Like A Pro To The Song “A Dream Is A Wish”

Following the dance routine of an adult is a challenging feat for any person, let alone a toddler. But Roxy is gifted with an exceptional talent and is intelligent enough to follow a dance step by step. Roxy is just only three years old, and she dances to “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” from the Cinderella soundtrack.

She confidently enters the stage, happily skipping and takes her position. She does some splits, then brings her legs way over her head. She twirls elegantly and then holds her somewhat wobbly pose with grace. Headstands, twirls, leaps, and intricate ballet poses come to this little girl easily. She elegantly prances across the stage.

She looks adorable, hopping across the stage, in her fluffy sea-green dress, making her dance moves perfectly timed with the changing music. She does an elegant but slightly wobbly one-legged stand and then flutters across the stage while walking on her knees, and ends her dance by laying down to sleep.