He Didn’t Even Know What Range Was, But When He Started Singing? TEARS.

Garbage man Doug Kiker came to the American Idol auditions knowing nothing about singing. He only knew that he loved to sing, and he loved his two-year-old girl so much he wanted to show her dreams do come true. The judges coached him, and in the end, everyone was in tears.

When he first walked into the audition, Lionel Richie wouldn’t let him perform because Doug hadn’t warmed up yet. Doug admitted he didn’t know what that meant, so Lionel told him to go outside the doors and tell Ryan Seacrest that he needed to warm up. 15 minutes later Doug returned, and finally got his chance to sing for the judges.

His voice was a delightful surprise. His clear rendition of ‘Bless the Broken Road’ was short, but powerful. The judges asked him his range, and again Doug pled ignorance. But he was able to sing along as Luke Bryan played the song on the piano, and he could hit every note he heard. Amazed, the judges and Doug were in tears afterward.