Two Teen Dance To A Backstreet Boys Song And Steal The Show

The teenage years are a time when a person starts to discover and understand themselves and their talents. It is a time to enjoy newly discovered abilities and to nurture them. Being full of energy and not having the responsibility of earning your living, make these years the best years of one’s life.

Two teenagers Alex Arce and Eva Lgo, choose the song “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys for their dance, but the cover version by Sleeping At Last. The duo started full of energy, and Alex handles Eva gently yet firmly. Eva does several impressive cartwheels, and acrobatic moves slowly, and then she increases her pace while keeping the precision of her movements.

The two then have a bit of a challenge to perform, which they pull off beautifully. They dance separately, but their movements stay amazingly in sync with each other. The audience cheers for them as they end their dance gracefully, smiling at each other. The audience gives them a big round of applause.