Expert Heavy Metal Drummer At only 16-Year-Old

Young Brooke Colucci has been involved in playing the drums ever since she was six-years-old. She got her very first drumming Kit at six and started getting professional training since then as well. Now ten years later, this girl is playing complex tunes like a pro and likes to take up the challenge of playing intricate songs and proving her skills.

She decides to take on Tool’s music, one that is full of unique drum beats and rhythm, that only the skillful can replay. Brooke sits behind the drums and starts to do a roll on one of the cymbals. She then continues to go full out, playing the different drums in front of her with total ease, following each beat with precision. She ends her routine precisely as the music stops.

You can see by her expressions and head movements that she understands and feels each beat. No wonder that she is so good at what she plays. She has more videos of herself playing different music. You can find her songs on social media. But this performance to Tool’s music is a piece of art.