A Group Of Boys Perform A Hilarious Ballet Act

Ballet started in the fifteenth century during the Italian Renaissance, and later developed into a concert dance in France and Russia. The word Ballet brings to mind a picture of cute little girls in Pink tights, tutus, and pointy shoes with silk ties, standing with a railing on tiptoes and their arms in a circle above them. You can imagine them performing elegant and graceful moves.

One ballet show is particularly impressive. Six Hungarian boys performed it. As the curtains open, we see the boys crouched down, dressed in white leotards, white tutus, and white socks, just the sight of them makes the audience cheer. As they perform to the music of “Swan Lake,” raising their hands and twirling, the audience starts to laugh.

They continue making some more ballet moves, but not keeping in sync with each other, some of the boys have a troubled expression on their face as they perform a rotation. Their facial expressions make the audience cheer and laugh at the sight of them. They end their routine beautifully with twirls, leaps, and gather together, ending with their arms in the air. Overall, a superb performance by the boys.