The Most Beautiful Rendition Of The Anthem At A Baseball Game

Liamani Segura is a talented nine-year-old who has immense confidence naturally. She loves to sing and often records herself singing. Liamani is very active on social media. Her songs are found on different platforms. Her passion is to sing a lot of hymns but does a variety of songs.

In October 2018, Liamani was invited to sing the National Anthem for the opening of the Brewers vs. Rockies baseball game in Miller Park, Milwaukee. There were 49,658 people in the stadium that day, and it was almost full. She walks to the edge of the field, where she stands confidently, and as the announcer finishes her introduction, she starts singing.

She stands dressed in a yellow sleeveless top and denim shorts. She has a long beaded necklace on her chest. With headphones on her ears, she starts singing in her mighty voice, feeling every word she says. Her hand movement depicts the strength with which she renders each note. She ends the anthem, with the audience cheering loudly.