Beautiful Hymn By A Young Girl

Liamani Segura is a young 9-Year-Old girl who has a passion and natural talent for singing. She has grown up in a home where she is loved and can easily explore her curiosity. She is blessed with a mighty voice and can follow the highs and lows of any song with ease.

In the video linked below, you can see Liamani standing at the kitchen table, hands folded in front of her. Her mom sits beside her, holding a doll in her arms, and her daughter begins to sing a Christian Hymn titled: “How Great Thou Art.” Liamani follows each note perfectly, feeling the words as she sings.

Liamani is not new to singing and performing. She often sings at NBA Playoffs. Liamani is very active on social media, and her songs are on YouTube and other platforms. It’s hard to believe that this girl has learned the art of singing all by herself. The first public performance that she gave was at high school, at the age of six, singing the National Anthem.