Ballerinas Take On Gymnastics With Ballet

Ballet is a delicate dance to do on its own. It requires a lot of self- discipline, focus, and hours of practice to perfect. When gymnastics and ballet are done together, you get something that is very difficult to do with perfection, that too by little girls. The girls in this video perform their act with a jump rope with ease.

Twelve ballerinas dressed in purple leotards and white tights enter the stage with their jump ropes on their backs. They all stand in position and start with normal ballet moves with their props still at their backs. One girl then starts by jumping the rope, and the others follow. Two girls then hold the rope while the girls jump it, two by two.

In the middle of the ballet routine, the girl in the center holds all the ropes and twirls. As a result, they receive a round of applause from the audience. The girls then make some more impressive ballet moves, and then skip their ropes very fast but still keep in sync with each other. Their show is a beautiful one that is executed with precision and dedication.