Youngest Drummer Ever Brings Down Shower of Gold on Got Talent

The Got Talent series has discovered some of the most magnificent performers in all of history. From singers to magicians, Talent knows no limits. Some acts are even harder to describe, but they’re utterly addictive from start to finish. We’ve put together the top ten golden buzzer auditions from the whole series.

That’s right. All the best performers from Britain’s Got Talent, BGT: The Champions, America’s Got Talent, AGT: The Champions, Spain’s Got Talent, Croatia’s Got Talent, and World’s Got Talent. Each of these golden buzzer moments will leave you in complete agreeance. These stars truly deserve all the praise, displaying confidence, showmanship, and unique acts of Talent.

From the best comedians, the show has ever seen to some of the most powerful voices in all of music history, Got Talent has uncovered stars serving as an inspiration to the world. There were no words to describe each of these performances, with the only acclaim worthy enough being the golden buzzer itself.