Pink Floyd Played On Custom-Made Weissenborn Guitar Captivates

We’ve got a rewind through The Voice that’ll leave you calling for more from these world-class artists. Our selection of unforgettable moments features the blind auditions that trended the most, with fans flocking to social media to share their comments, thoughts and praise. If you missed any of this iconic season at all, then this is all the best blind auditions that you have to see.

From the unbelievable Kateřina Kolčavová from Czechoslovakia singing ‘Believer,’ to Bon Jovi sang with such magnificence that the performance could rival the original singer, our rewind’s blind auditions will blow you away. These are just two artists featured that’ll make you fall on your back in disbelief. Just wait until you hear Vincent Vinel spitting the rhymes of ‘Lose Yourself’ in The Voice France.

You’re sure to see a few of your favorite hits transformed in this selection of the top ten hardest trending blind auditions ever to feature on The Voice. Will Barber Will blow you away, and there’s barely words to describe the swag and stage presence of MB14 singing ‘Gangta’s Paradise.’ This is a rewind that you don’t want to miss.