Malta Singer Raises Goosebumps With ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’

The X Factor has brought us legendary supers in-the-making, with certain contestants proving their uniqueness from the very start. There are some auditions that one will never be able to forget. We’ve wrapped up ten unforgettable X Factor auditions from around the world, highlighting people whose personality and showmanship make them unable to be ignored.

Some artists are there to stay, and others simply make a statement. No matter how you see these ten entertainers, their auditions raised the roof delivering electrifying energy that the crowd loved. You’ll discover a whole new range of international superstars singing and dancing their way into X Factor history.

Our top ten unforgettable X Factor auditions from around the world feature the most iconic contestants to feature. Not all made it to the final round, but each and everyone impressed with presence, personality, and showmanship that turned them into unforgettable stars. Singers from The X Factor UK, Malta, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, and the Philippines are all featured.