Pianist Starts Off With Generic Act Before Exploding Into Dance Action

We’ve put together a range of acts from America’s Got Talent that are shockingly good. Performers with routines so innovative and addictive that you can’t look away from the moment they start entertaining. Comedy, electric dance acts, and amazing people all-round – you don’t want to miss these talented people.

This is a selection of highlights that’ll have you hooked from the start. Adem Show’s Mortal Kombat dance routine is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. With robotic accuracy and energy that’s infectious, these four stars from Kyrgyzstan put forth a performance that you literally can’t take your eyes off. However, it’s not all upbeat acts featuring music and dance – wait until you see the massive puppet bird that relieves itself on stage.

From electrifying piano backed dance acts to international superstars that the world will forever remember, this selection of acts from America’s Got Talent will compel you to stay glued to your screen. Each artist here delivers action unlike any other, with some of the biggest names in AGT’s fourteenth season featuring.