Beautiful Luke Combs Blind Audition Cover Starts Championship Journey

Season seventeen winner of The Voice, Jake Hoot, had a successful journey as one of the fan favorites from his very beginning blind audition all the way to the finale. Between his distinctive country voice with a sound of its own, to talent that grew and evolved with each performance going forward – Jake was a winner from the start.

If you’re a country music fan, you’ll be overjoyed by the upcoming hits from this legend-in-the-making. He does all the greats from Willie Nelson to Reba McEntire. When Jake Hoot starts to sings, everyone listens whether you’re into country or not. The artist delivers range that supersedes his core genre, mixing things up with songs by Joe Cocker as well. There is, however, one thing only that this man is made for, and that is country music.

Jake Hoot is an upcoming country artist and season seventeen winner of The Voice whose iconic sound makes you think that you’ve been listening to his hits for most of your life. There are barely words to describe the beauty conveyed as he takes on big songs like Lonestar’s ‘Amazed,’ but there’s no preparing you for the legendary original song he sings for the finale.