Time travel with Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” from 1975

The video below evokes a sense of adventure, mystery, and longing that is perfectly in tune with the spirit of the era. People were hungry for change and eager to explore new horizons, and “Sailing” captured that sense of wanderlust and the desire to break free from the constraints of everyday life. At the same time, the song also resonated with the innate human need for connection and belonging, the longing for a place to call home, and the love of those who wait for us there.

The year was 1975, a time when life was simpler, the world was smaller, and music held an unshakeable power over the hearts and minds of the people. It was an era of bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, and disco balls when the airwaves were filled with the sounds of ABBA, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. In the midst of this musical renaissance, a golden-voiced crooner named Rod Stewart released a song that would capture the hearts of millions, a song that spoke to the restless spirit of adventure and the timeless longing for home – “Sailing.”

In the video, we see Rod Stewart clad in a captain’s hat and surrounded by a crew of sailors as he stands aboard a ship sailing across the open sea. The sun sets on the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the deck as the wind whips through Stewart’s iconic mane of shaggy, blonde hair. As the waves crash against the side of the ship, the camera pans out to reveal a breathtaking view of the vast, seemingly endless expanse of water.

The song, a cover of The Sutherland Brothers’ original, was not initially intended to be included on Stewart’s album, “Atlantic Crossing.” However, upon hearing it, the raspy-voiced rocker felt an instant connection to the song and knew he had to record his rendition. The result is a musical masterpiece, a ballad that soars on the wings of Stewart’s passionate vocals, buoyed by the lush orchestration and a choir of harmonious backing singers.

Rod Stewart’s performance in the video is nothing short of mesmerizing. As he belts out the poignant lyrics, it’s clear that he is fully invested in the song’s emotional journey. His voice, rich and full of raw emotion, transports the viewer back to that time in history, a time when people from all walks of life could find solace and inspiration in the power of music.

Despite its enduring popularity, “Sailing” wasn’t an instant hit. In fact, it only reached number 54 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, in the United Kingdom, the song sailed to the top, reaching number one and becoming one of the year’s best-selling singles. The song would go on to be used as the theme for the BBC documentary series “Sailor,” further cementing its status as a beloved anthem of the sea.

One little-known fact about “Sailing” is that Rod Stewart was actually terrified of water at the time of the video’s filming. Despite the video’s maritime theme, Stewart had a fear of drowning, which he eventually overcame. This revelation only adds to the power of the song and the performance, as it demonstrates the singer’s ability to face his fears in the name of artistic expression.

“Sailing” has become synonymous with Rod Stewart’s storied career, a testament to his incredible talent and the song’s enduring appeal. More than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, the song and the video continue to inspire new generations of dreamers and adventurers, reminding us all of the power of music to transcend time and space, to bridge the gap between the past and the present, and to unite us in our shared humanity.

So immerse yourself in the magic of Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” video once more or for the first time. Allow yourself to be transported back to that simpler time when the world seemed ripe with possibility and the future was a vast, uncharted ocean just waiting to be explored.

As you watch the video and listen to the soaring melody, take a moment to appreciate the incredible talent of Rod Stewart and the timeless message of the song – that no matter where life takes us, we are all ultimately searching for the same thing: a place to call home and the love that awaits us there.

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